Chemistry at Fairfield High School

The primary textbook being used is Introductory Chemistry: Concepts and Connections, 3rd Edition by Charles Corwin. This textbook has a companion website that can be found here. The textbook website appears to be fairly comprehensive and helpful. I strongly encourage all the students to investigate it.

I encourage you to read the California State Standards - Chemistry so that you are familiar with the topics that you need to master. For many of you, this will be one of the first truly challenging courses you have encountered at FHS. I cannot encourage you strongly enough to get help early and to get help often. This website will hopefully be one source of help for you, but there is no substitute for actually talking to your teachers and getting direct instruction and help.

Fall 2006 Semester

I have not had time to keep this website fully up to date, but I have created a table of assignments (with links to pdf files) for the Fall Semester of 2006. That page can be found here.